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ABOUT SNAL Education & Professional Development

Dedicated to Developing and Encouraging High Standards
Education & Professional Development

The School Nutrition Association of Louisiana (SNAL) is dedicated to developing and encouraging the highest standards in foodservice training and nutrition programs. With the implementation of the USDA Professional Standards, July 1, 2015, all school nutrition personnel will be required to acquire annual continuing education/training. For this reason, SNAL will make every attempt to provide educational opportunities to ensure the professional development of its members.

SNAL encourages its members to pursue their career development through training, education, and chapter meeting attendance. Continuing education is available through in-person courses, online classes, webinars, and district trainings.


The SNAL has accepted the responsibility of maintaining and testing for the Technician Training Program (Phase I), and Manager Certification Program (Phase II and Phase III).Over the past year CNP supervisors across the state have been working to update the previous course documents (previously known as the Louisiana Food Service Training Program) published by the State Department of Education in 1984 and updated in 2007.

A few chapters have yet to be completed and all materials must be edited and re-typed.At this time, access to course materials will be maintained online, with formal testing conducted twice a year. The final guidelines and completed course materials will be provided here on this website in the very near future.


After the Technician and Manager Training Programs are made available, SNAL will be looking at other avenues to assist its members to obtain continuing education units (CEU) whether it be regional training or pre-conference education sessions.


The School Nutrition Association (SNA) has introduced a new certificate education program called the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition which has been aligned with the USDA Professional Standards.With the certificate program participants receive a certificate after attendance and/or completion of a course.


  • Increase your knowledge and skills of food safety and nutrition to create a healthy school environment.
  • Enhance your professional image with parents, children, and school administrators.
  • Demonstrate commitment to your profession
  • Stay current on issues concerning school nutrition
  • Receive formal recognition of professional achievement
  • Prepare for job advancement, whether from cook, to clerk, to assistant to manager, to supervisor.

Who is Eligible?

EVERYONE! There are three levels to the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition, but you only have to apply to the one that fits your qualifications.The most popular and easiest to achieve is the Level 1 Certificate.There are 3 simple steps to get started to SNA’s Level 1 certificate:

  • 1
    STEP 1

    Complete one 8-hour Nutrition Core Course and one 8-hour Food Safety Core Course. The National Food Service Manageuement Institute ( offers both 8 hour courses online and free of charge! (SNAL has offered both of these courses as Pre-Conference Ed Sessions almost every year.If you attended both of them within the past 5 years, you (qualify for Level 1!)

  • 2
    STEP 2

    Send SNA a completed application, payment, and a copy of the certificates of completion for each of the two required courses.
    Application for SNA Certificate Levels

  • 3
    STEP 3

    THAT’S IT!SNA will send you a letter confirming applicants that you have earned your Level 1 Certificate in School Nutrition and you can share your success using the certificate program celebration tools at .

How do I maintain my SNA Certificate in School Nutrition?

A certificate in School Nutrition from SNA is

valid for 12 months.To stay current, you must obtain the required annual CEUs and pay the required renewal fees for your level annually.

For complete information on the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition, download the Certificate in School Nutrition Program Guide or visit SNA’s website at for all the details.


The School Nutrition Specialist credentialing program is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects what it takes to manage school nutrition programs in today’s challenging climate. SNA initiated this program in 1997 to enhance the professional image of school nutrition professionals, elevate professional standards and enhance individual performances.

Although qualifying for this exam requires college credit hours, it does not require a college degree.Therefore, it is obtainable for anyone who invests the time, effort, and money to meet the requirements.

For complete information on the School Nutrition Specialist credentialing, visit .


With the passing of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Act of 2010, USDA was given the task to establish minimum professional standards for school nutrition personnel who manage and operate the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.Implementation of these standards will begin July 1, 2015.

Effective July 1, 2015, NEW supervisors/directors hired by school districts must meet education and expertise required to perform duties successfully.These hiring standards based on three (3) LEA size categories:

  • 2,400 or less student enrollment
  • 2,500 – 9,999 student enrollment
  • 10,000 or more student enrollment

USDA established annual training standards for SFA School Personnel as follows:


  • 8 annual training hours SY 2015-2016
  • 12 annual training hours SY 2016-2017


  • 6 annual training hours SY 2015-2016
  • 10 annual training hours SY 2016-2017


  • 4 annual training hours SY 2015-2016
  • 6 annual training hours SY 2016-2017


  • 4 annual training hours SY 2015-2016 and beyond

For complete information regarding USDA Professional Standards, please visit SNA website or USDA’s website .

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Being a member of SNAL has so many benefits including networking, education, opportunities for professional development, and so much more.Visit the membership page to read about being a SNAL member.

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Our Mission

The School Nutrition Association of Louisiana is a state based, nonprofit professional organization representing more than 3,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the state of Louisiana.

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What you get

SNAL Conference Committee puts on a great program each year that is designed specifically for the SNAL members. This 3 day program is filled with professional development, networking opportunities with vendors and fellow professionals, exhibits, and most of all fun!

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What Our Members Say?

By participating on the Board and attending the many conferences and meetings, I was provided opportunities to spread my wings and take on challenges that I otherwise would not have tried.Are you ready to SOAR?

Jo Lynne Correro Ouachita Parish School System
The association does an outstanding job informing members of new and upcoming issues that affect Child Nutrition programs in the country and in state of Louisiana.
Joni J. Blum St. Bernard Parish School Board
I have sampled new food items, seen new equipment and networked with managers, technicians and directors from throughout our state at our fun-filled conferences.
Pat H. Farris, Supervisor St. Tammany Parish
Being a member has afforded me the opportunity to grow professionally and to network with other colleagues across the state and country.
Rosie Jackson Orleans Parish Public Schools

My SNAL membership provides numerous opportunities to grow in my profession and meet lots of wonderful nutrition professional across the state of Louisiana.

Teresa Brown, MS, RD, LDN St. Charles Parish Public Schools

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